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Is Dublin worth it for a day trip or 2 days?

My wife and I will be in Wales for approximately a week this summer. We are looking at possibly taking a ferry to Dublin for a day trip or possibly 2 days. It would cost about $100 each for the ferry ride. Can enough of Dublin be seen in 1-2 days to make it worth the trip?

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You can see quite a bit of Dublin in two days. Even one if you know what you want to see but it depends on how long you are in Christ Church, Library, Kilmailain (sp) Goal (jail), etc. There is a light rail through town to get you around the area. Look at Rick's book as to the sites he suggests to be seen. Since you would be taking the ferry you would only have a half day so I'd spend the night and spend all day then take the ferry home in the afternoon. Be sure to go to Burdock's Fish and Chips up by Christ Church then go to the park and eat. It is very famous!!! Just a hole in the wall but you have to get them early because they do sell out of the fresh fish caught that day.

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If you plan carefully, you can do a lot in Dublin in a day or two. On a recent trip of my own, I was in Dublin for part of an afternoon and one full day. In that time I walked all over the Temple Bar area, had lunch at the Bad Ass Cafe, saw Kilmainham Gaol, the National Museum, 29 Georgian House, the Book of Kells, did some shopping, and had dinner at Bewley's Oriental Cafe on Grafton St. There is also a hop-on, hop-off bus that you can use to take a quick overall tour, or as transport between locations that you want to visit. If there is one available, might you consider a flight instead? There might be a cheapie one that could get you to Dublin quicker and with less cost.

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Cary, I was in Dublin this fall and would definitely recommend a visit! As the others have suggested, one can see a lot if you plan carefully.

For a two day visit, if you choose a fairly "central" Hotel you should be able to walk to many of the sights or take a Cab. The Temple Bar area is a great place to spend the evenings (especially on the weekends - be sure to visit Oliver St. John Gogarty's Pub! I also found the Bar in the Arlington Hotel to be interesting). I would recommend the local walking tours which provide a good overview of the history of Dublin, Kilmainham Gaol, the Book of Kells, etc. The tour of the Guinness Storehouse is somewhat interesting (and includes a "free" pint at the end"), if you have time.

Happy travels!

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Nice city, but two days is plenty for Dublin, IMHO. YMMV, etc etc.

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Will you be anywhere close to an airport that Ryan Air flies from into Dublin? It is much cheaper than taking the ferry.