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Is 2 days enough to see the Dingle area?

Our family of 4 adults have 2 days to see an area of Ireland. Is 2 days enough time to get to Dingle from the Dublin? We could rent a car if we needed to. Otherwise, how can we get from the Dublin area to the Dingle area? We don't have to fly out of Dublin, is Shannon a better idea to fly from if we're in Dingle?

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It's over 200 miles from Dublin to Dingle. In North Dakota that's no more than 3 hours, but in Ireland it might be 5 or 6, without stopping. You'd be exhausted when you got there (plus, remember, they drive on the left).

Dingle is very beautiful and worth a visit, but your timeline is too tight for Ireland.

Dublin has plenty to occupy your interest for a couple of days, particularly if it's not a Sunday or Monday when a lot of the museums are closed.

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I totally agree with the previous posters. There are short tours,either a half or full day, from Dublin to such places as Newgrange or Powerscourt-Glendalough.

If you are at all interested in Irish history be sure and see Kilmainham Jail.

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To answer your question, Shannon would be a better idea to fly out of than Dublin if you go to Dingle. It's a much smaller airport, very accessible, and easy to return rental cars there. Two days should be plenty in Dingle, and the drive isn't bad. I've often heard Irish people talk about what I would consider a reasonable drive as though you had driven three times as far - they just can't believe you did it. The driving does take longer than the same distance in the US but it's so scenic.

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Don't let the miles (or kilometers) fool you. Traveling through Ireland is extremely different than traveling in the U.S. First, the roads there are not the super highways of America. Second, Ireland is full of mountains! The driving is much slower and there are traffic calming schemes to navigate every so often. You will regret it very much if you try to go too far in one day. Shannon would be a better airport to fly into/out of to reach Dingle. But, the drive from Dublin through the Wicklow area (Glendalough) and Cork all the way to Dingle is unbelievably gorgeous. The Ring of Kerry is breathtaking as well. Two days is not nearly enough to see much of Ireland and it's a most beautiful country. Pity you can't extend your visit. You will be desperate to go back! I'm still heartsick for having had to leave to return to the States. But then, I guess you could tell that...