Irish trains on time?

We are planning on taking the train from Sligo to Dublin in order to catch a flight the same day. The schedule seems perfect. But I've seen comments on some websites that Irish trains are frequently late, but it's not clear how late. Is the train a reliable way to get to Dublin if we absolutely have to make a flight? Thanks.

Posted by Kevin
near Ringwood, Hampshire, UK
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The official punctuality statistics for that route for 2012 are here: It shows the percentage of trains which arrived on time, or within 10 minutes of their scheduled arrival time. Not sure how much help it would be to know that 95% of trains are punctual if you happen to be on one that is late, but there it is.

Posted by Amelia
San Francisco, CA
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That looks encouraging, thanks. A few minutes late would be OK; we have about a half hour to spare. In the US, trains are often hours late, and that would be a problem.