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Irish medieval banquets..your favorite?

I know Rick prefers Dunguarie castle banquet, what about you? 1. Can you tell me your experiences and what you enjoyed most?

2. Also, if we choose the banquet at Dunguarie, has anyone gone from Galway that did not have a car? Not sure how we would get back and forth. Thanks!

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We really enjoyed the banquet at Dunguaire castle when we were there in September. It's small, only 55 people seated. The entertainers were also the servers and they were extremely pleasant. The food was excellent - and the entertainment was focused on local writers, poets, etc. We stayed just down the road at the Villa Maria. It was nice, clean, & the owners were very friendly. We were traveling by car, but there was a tour bus at the first setting, so I know it's doable. Check out It mentions Dunguaire.

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43 posts really does sound best suited to us as well. With no car I do worry about getting there and know I need to make reservations early. Think I will just contact the booking people and ask them about transportation. Thanks a lot for your input, made me feel good about the choice we were leaning towards.