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Irish Ferry

RAther than flying, I'm thinking of taking the ferry from Hollyhead to Dublin (or vice versa). Has anyone taken it? Any idea what the seas will be like in October?

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We took the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin and it was a pleasant experience. The ferry was very nice and the sea was calm. Due to our ferry leaving at 8 am we found it necessary to spend the night in Holyhead. It is a wretched place--very ugly and bleak. We would never stay there again.

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I took the Irish Ferry from Caernarven to Waterford and later from Dublin to Hollyhead. They aren't cruise ships but they are big and nice.

Both trips were in May, the weather was sunny but breezy and cool. The ship rolled slightly but nothing unmanageable. The ride is similar to Puget Sound ferries in Seattle but the ship is significantly bigger and more comfortable.

I think the Irish Sea is generally protected and the ferries are large enough to weather storms. Ferries going to outer islands are smaller and the seas are rougher.

I wouldn't hesitate to ride them again.

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I took this ferry trip during the time I studied abroad in London. A friend and I took the train from London to Holyhead, and once in Dublin, we went all the way to Westport. And back again.

From what I remember, the ferry was really nice. Restaurant, duty free shop, lots of places to sit. However, we were on a super packed ship--overnight--and we ended up sleeping on a bench or the floor. I'm pretty sure we were there in November, and the water was pretty choppy. It was an exhausting trip, but I think the trains from London to Holyhead made it that much worse.

Long story short, I'd probably fly. We were poor college students, and couldn't afford it. :)

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If you are looking to save money you would do better checking Ryan Air's websites... incredible cheap flights in Europe.

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Not looking to save money--looking for a new experience.

I'd much rather take a train or a boat than a plane. You see a lot more. And to me, the journey is just as important as the destination.

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Then you should definately take the Hollyhead Ferry to Dubs. I am told by my couin in Dubs that the seas vary all year. I think you can take the Hollyhead Ferry to Rosslare. Up thru Wexford to Dublin.

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I've taken that ferry trip twice, once on a "regular" ferry, once on the faster one. If they still have the slower ones, and if time isn't that much of a factor, it was the more pleasant trip. It was easier to walk and we could spend some time outside on that one.