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Irish Banks & Buses

Does anyone know off hand of the easiest way (probly a bus?) to get from Waterford to Dublin Airport? any idea if it runs 24 hours a day - will need to get to DUB for a flight out at 5am..
Also - can you change dollars / euros for Czech Krowns in any Irish bank, is this expensive (like in the US banks)? Upon arrival in Prague I need a large amount of Krowns too much to take out of an ATM at once..
any info is greatly appreciated!

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I'm sure you could get Czech crowns in Dublin, but you'd probably have to go to one of the main bank branches and it might require ordering them ahead of time, especially since you would be changing dollars to crowns. I can't imagine the charges would be much different - unless you are charged more starting with dollars - since banks tend to charge just to cover costs.

So, you might want to go to the bank when you arrive in Ireland and enquire as to how long it will take.

Also, make sure you check the regs about carrying cash from country to country - there are limits on the amount of cash you can take across borders. In any case, it's generally not a good idea to carry large amounts of cash.


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There are bound to be currency exchanges once you get to Prague. Changing to euros and then to Krowns will rack up two sets of fees, and you won't be able to change from dollars to Krowns in Ireland. Or you could probably change for Krowns at an airport, either in the US or Ireland.