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Ireland, Where do I put my money after I take it out of the atm?

Hi my name is rachel and the trip I want to take, is to Ireland with my friend. It will not be for a very long while. Probably six years even. But it never hurts to figure out a few things ahead of time does it? especially about money. Well I was wondering, theres been advice from Rick Steves on how you should go to your destination and then take out your money out of your account, out of their atm and that will give you there countrys money type, and currency, correct? well what if you have a big pile of cash in your hands when its all taken out, where do you put it? Do you make a temporary bank account in that country? it seems foolish to stuff it all in your pockets for the rest of the trip cuz it obviously could get stolen or lost. Mind you, if me and my friend go to Ireland we`ll only be staying for a week mabey.

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o Lord this is emberassing...but no...Im not..Im only thirteen but Im sure that doesnt justify my stupidity.

I`m just asking...sorry

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Hi Rachel,
My last replay was my first reaction, but the answer to your question is easy. Bank machines only dispense a set maximum amount of money from your account each day. Therefore, you are never carrying around your life's savings. They also charge you a fee each time you use them. As Rick Steeves always says, wear a money belt and keep only a small amount at hand.

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o I knew that I just read it... So sorry I just had a brain fart there for a second lol

That makes perfect sense and I knew there was only a limit amount of money you can take out. I guess I thought there was alot more money to be spent in one place then there actually is. Thanks for answering my question and not making me feel too stupid.... :p

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Rule number one for all travel...wear a money belt. They are worn under your clohes and are easily accessbile. They can be worn around your waist, around your neck, attached to a belt and carried between your pant leg and your leg.

The Rick Steves store sells them and the Eagle Creek brand are very popular.

May I suggest you get a copy, either from the bookstore or your local library, of Rick Steves' "Europe Through The Back Door" and it will answer many of your travel questions.

IN the meantime...go to the following website for info on moneybelts;

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Rachel its good you are planning ahead... even if it is for 6 years from now. You will use your ATM/ Debit card to pull a little bit of money, and if you need to pay for big items, you can use the card without having to use cash.

In 6 years you'll understand.

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Welcome! This is a really great site to learn and ask all sorts of travel related questions. Sounds like you've caught the "travel bug" early! Good for you!

You are a smart young woman to want to learn more about the wonderful world of travel. Stick around and you'll learn a lot! Browse through the threads and check out the search box in the upper right hand corner.

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thanks you guys!
I don`t know but something about traveling to Ireland or the UK or even Austrailia, it sounds like fun :)

I know Im not really good at this stuff, but I like to feel absolutely sure about things so I asked. I dont want to get it wrong.

well thanks again you guys and I appreciate your help. :)

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Rachel, I understand your feelings. I have been in love with England since I was about your age and that was a looooong time ago. You never get over it. Start planning and plotting and reading and saving and in 6 years you'll be ready to go.

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Rachel, I've been traveling since I could walk. My parents gave me the travel bug and I am still doing it. Its good that you find going somewhere fascinating. There's nothing wrong with that.

As we said, in a few years (maybe even before 6 years) you will be posting here and telling us of YOUR adventures!

PS: At 16 you can open a student account at some banks or credit unions. Why not check into that?

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Rachel, as the others have said, it's great that you're starting to think about this now. I would also suggest reading "Europe Through The Back Door", as it's an essential pre-read for anyone travelling to Europe. Also, you might enjoy Rick's TV shows on PBS if they're offered in your area (I couldn't tell from your Profile where you're located?). I find that's a good way to actually see locations that might be interesting to visit.

Regarding the money issue, as the others have said the ATM's are set with a "daily maximum" amount that you'll be able to withdraw. That amount is set by your Bank. You might want to ask your Bank to increase this while you're travelling, as currency exchange rates have to be factored in as well. Your funds will have to be in a Chequing account with a four number PIN. ALWAYS wear a Money Belt, but keep enough for daily expenses in a more accessible location (pocket or purse). Don't expose the location of your Money Belt in public (this might sound like common sense, but not everyone seems to realize this).

In the Republic of Ireland, the ATM's (Cash Points) will dispense Euros, while in Northern Ireland they provide UK Pounds Sterling.

You'll love Ireland (I was there last October)! It's a fantastic country with a lots of history and a unique culture. Don't limit yourself to one country though. Since you have a few years to plan, why not go to several countries in Europe?

Good luck with your planning!