Ireland w/16 yr old granddaughter

We are taking our 16 yr old granddaughter to 10 days of Ireland for her birthday. Any suggestions specific for her/age group? She does not want to do "looking at scenery" things all day. She loves castles and trad music.

Posted by Tod
San Diego, CA, USA
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Dublin is a big modern city with all the usual things you would expect - shopping etc - but little in the way of trad that isn't wrapped for tourist consumption. Many of the sights in Dublin are tightly linked to the modern history of 'the troubles' so her knowledge of, and interest in, that history will dictate whether those sites interest her. I'm thinking of the Post Office, the Dublin Castle (which is modern government buildings) and the jail. The archeology museum is very good, the tour of Trinity College is interesting (especially if she's looking towards college) and I found Christchurch to be interesting and different than any other church I've seen in Europe - tiled and Norman touches (don't miss the 'crypt' with cafe and other exhibits). The castle at Trim in interesting and comes with a good tour and is accessible from Dublin or convenient for people renting a car at the Dublin airport. The castle at Cahir gets great reviews (but I haven't been there personally)and is close to the Rock of Cashel which is impressive if super touristy. Doolin is famous for trad and Dingle is great for rural experience and trad as well. There may be some rules about her presence in pubs after a certain time - 9:00 or 10:00? I know there are rules for sure if she's without an adult but she may be exempt if she's accompanied. I also expect that if she's behaving herself (not drinking) and looks older they are probably more lenient in rural areas, but I'd double-check with people who have actually had to deal with these issues. Sounds like a great gift! Have a great trip,

Posted by Ray
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hi, how about the Irish National Stud (INS). ive never seen a little girl that will pass up a horse. happy trails.

Posted by Louise
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Hi, We went to Ireland in 2009 and our girls were 13 and 14 so a bit younger. They love castles and musuems.
We stayed in the middle of Ireland but went down to Bunratty Castle which was great (despite Rick Steves describing it as too touristy).