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Ireland: Short Honeymoon

My fiance and I will be in Ireland the third week in October for our honeymoon (we weren't sure we were going to get the chance to go, which is why we're scrambling to plan now). In all, we'll only be in Ireland for 6 days, and don't want to spend the entire time driving (we will rent a car). Our budget is moderate: $2,000 (not including airfare of course, which we have already purchased). Does anyone have somewhere they recommend staying for a day or three. Something smaller, within striking distance of historical ruins (I'd love to see Cashel, though I may get out voted) or natural splendor (she'd love to see Moher). Would Inishmore be worth a few days of our time? (I'd love to see Dingle, but the driving seems to much for our time frame). I'm rambling now, so in essence: If all we want to do is see Dublin and one other place with a much smaller honeymoon feel (with a few stops or day jaunts built in), where should we consider? Thanks so much! -Bob

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Congratulations and what a wonderful place to honeymoon!! As I have said before and will say again, small island. Yes, many roads can be small and winding but a major freeway from Dublin connects to the West coast. Dublin to Galway is under 150 miles. If it were my honeymoon I'd stay in Dingle. If memory serves you can get to the Rock of Cashel from Dublin in under 2 hours. I'd visit it then head straight to the Dingle Peninsula. Remember it's fall and the sun will set earlier so daylight hours are fewer. Helps when you plan your drives. Also fall weather can be bleak so pack accordingly. Lastly, do make a quick trip to your local bookstore and pick up the RS book on Ireland. Invaluable for any first time visitor. Slainte!

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Congratulations! You'll love Ireland it's absolutely beautiful. When I visited, I stayed in a small town called Tralee. During our 10 days there, we did a tour of the Ring of Kerry where we visited the Blarney castle, visited Dingle (my favorite town!), went to a beautiful beach and were only a short drive away from Killarney. It's quite a bit away from Dublin, but we were totally satisfied with the location. Have a great honeymoon!

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Easy answer: Dingle - you won't be disappointed. Check tripadvisor for lodging. I would suggest Heaton's but there are many other B&B type places. These are your best bet in Ireland. You can also contact them for activities, etc. Try to include a local concert. Castlewood (right next door to Heaton's) is another good option. Enjoy your honeymoon and be sure to mention it in your reservation.

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I agree with Becca that Tralee would be a pretty good location from which to do day trips, including Cashel, Dingle, Kenmare, or Killarney. Within 90 minutes or so, near the town of Liscarroll, is a donkey sanctuary that is fun (and kind of unique) to visit, which overlooks a 12th century castle ruin. You will see ruins everywhere, though some are out in farm fields and inaccessible to visit. Inishmore is a little problematic, since you don't have a lot of extra time. If the weather does not cooperate, or if the water is too rough, ferries sometimes don't go, or are delayed. And in late October, that might be a greater possibility than during other parts of the year. I probably wouldn't try it - wouldn't want to get out there and not be able to get back. For planning your routes, use It will show you estimated drive times (add about 25% for a more realistic estimate), gas costs, etc., and alternate routes for speed or scenery.

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Thanks everyone! You're awesome. We're still narrowing things down, but I'm thankful for the advice & encouragement!

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We enjoyed the Kinsale area. Galway is a fun, party town. Cliffs of Mohr has great music Berra Peninsular is better then Dingle...

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With a car you could do Dingle for 3 days and Galway for 3 days which would make Inishmore and the Connemara easily accessible and you could see Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher on the way between them.

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Dublin is fun and you can get around easily on the hop on/ hop off bus. It takes you to all the attractions. You can then take a train direct to Galway or drive to Galway. You could stay in Galway or Salt Hill. From there you could see Cliffs of Moher, breathtaking, and Connemara. The other area mentioned are also beautiful, but I'm thinking the train to Galway would take away the stress of driving and it's relatively quick. then rent a car when you get there. Give your bride her wish and see Moher ! You won't regret it.