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Ireland / Scotland - How to split time?

This September my wife and I are spending 15 days in Scotland and Ireland - we fly into Edinburgh, Scotland - and out of Shannon, Ireland - and were wondering how we should split our time (i.e. 50-50, more time in Ireland, etc.). Thanks - we have never been there before.

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Being from Ireland I have travelled atound the country quite a few time, in Scotland, we just have been to the main cities, i.e. Edinburgh. (a DON'T MISS) - I would think in order to see both, youmight want to spend 9 days in Ireland.

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You could easily spend 15 days in Scotland see it well, savor it and leave Ireland for another trip or fly out of Belfast or Dublin airports at least you could concentrate on east side of Ireland. Travel is very slow in Scotland and Ireland and you will be just running from place to place.My last trip to Ireland in 2004 was 10 days with a rental car and we never saw N Ireland and Cork area. I prefer Scotland over Ireland if you need to choose. Frankly,
Irelands pluses are their people and countryside.

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I agree... Scotland has alot to offer. We are spending over two weeks there this summer and have already made lots of trips there. Inverness is a good base. Aviemore is a nice village. LOTS AND LOTS to do in Scotlan.

Ireland is nice, but not so easy to get around.

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Sounds like a lovely holiday! I think it just depends on what you like the best - I might recommend something like 60/40 with Scotland getting a few extra days to enjoy some leisurely walking. A good sample trip might be 2-3 days in Edinburgh and 5-6 days for the Highlands and islands in Scotland.

From the west coast of Scotland, you could start in Belfast and head to the Antrim coast (2 days) and then down to Dublin (1-2 days) and over to the west of Ireland. From there, there's plenty to explore (3-4 days) up and down the coast. I would say that Ireland is much easier to get around if you have a car!!! It's handy in Scotland, too, but the bus and rail links are defintely more plentiful here.

September is a great time for travelling in Ireland and Scotland- long warm evenings, smaller crowds, and beautiful colors in the countryside. Enjoy!