Ireland: Kinasle, Doolin, Kilkenny, cycling in Killarney Nat. Park...

Please help with some logistical questions for our Ireland trip in September. Our itinerary begins with arrival in Shannon at 12:30 pm. We plan to drive to Doolin and Cliffs of Moher. Probably stay in Doolin overnight. I have thought about staying overnight in Tralee (before heading to Dingle), but that is probably overambitious... or is it? We have considered staying in Kinsale or Cobh for one night before heading to Trim (late in the day)and going to NewGrange on the next morning. I fear that this is unreasonable and it may be better to stay in Kilkenny for two nights instead. Would it be feasible to leave Kilkenny and get to Bru na Boinne for the tours? I would also love to work in Killarney National park? We will finish the trip with 3 nights in Dublin. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Do you mean staying in Tralee after staying in Doolin, or instead of staying in Doolin? And I don't understand about staying in Cobh or Kinsale, then going on to Trim or whether staying two nights in Kilkenny is better. Better than what? It's hard to know what is over ambitious or unreasonable, since you haven't given us any idea of the length of your trip or a very clear picture of your proposed itinerary. It would most likely NOT be feasible to leave Kilkenny and get to Newgrange (and hope to get in). You need to be at Newgrange as early as you can be, not late in the day. Shuttles to the site fill up early, and you could potentially get there only to find the rest of the day's shuttles full. Please give us more information about the length of your trip, how you intend to get around, etc., and we can give you better answers.

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Our itinerary is arrival in Shannon with a visit to Cliffs of Moher. My question was whether to stay in Doolin or drive to Tralee for the 1st night. We would be staying in Dingle for the next 3 nights (this duration in Dingle is firm as we have an event in Dingle on the middle day). Our 5th and 6th night is undecided. We were thinking of visiting Bru na Boinne before we dropped off our car and perhaps spending the 6th night in Trim and visit to Bru na Boinne the next morning would be a good plan. Our last three nights would be in Dublin. The night between Dingle and Trim is open and there appears to many options: Kilkenny and Rock of Cashel, Cobh, Kinsale, others. Any suggestions.

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If it's any help I found Tralee a small city and pretty short on charm and I hear that Doolin is more of the charming (if small) town. Others will have more information but if you want to stay in Doolin you should probably book ahead because of the size. Tralee was an okay as a utility stop-over night before pushing onto Dingle (we had come from Galway and did the usual Burren and cliffs route) but that was really all. Depending on how tired you are it might be nice to stop in Doolin and have the choice of doing the cliffs that day or the next morning on the way to Dingle if you're jet lagged. Since you're staying in Dingle (which is great) for so long I don't see why you would have to push onto Tralee to get there first thing. Take the ferry at Killrush it will save you much time over swinging through Limerick. I had never done it and it was easy. We did Dublin bus to airport, pick up the rental car, Knowth and Newgrange, castle at Trim and then onto Galway and that was a full day. Staying in Trim and then seeing however much of Bru na Boinne you want returning the car and then getting into the city is certainly doable but should be most of day. Hope that helps,

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Spend the night or 2 in Kinsale. Quaint Irish town with a harbour, great seafood and something going on every night. Great walks, an Old Fort, history, & sailboats. Old Head is close by for any golfers, or anyone just wanting to see the view. Cork city is an easy drive, Jameson Factory, English Market, Blarney Castle. Cobh isn't too far with it's Cathedral & Titanic Museum. Have a great time!!