Ireland in June

I am getting nervous reading about how much it rains in Ireland. Will we need waterproof hiking pants and boots for the RS 14 days in Ireland? We are on tour beginning June 16 through the end of the month. We are from Texas and do not do cold all that well. Is it cold in June with the rain?

Posted by Rosemary
Lakewood, CO
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Kathy - We have been in Ireland in early June and we only had one day of rain. You just never know. We had days where we wore shorts and days for long pants and sweaters. Just be sure to take a rain jacket and use layers. You will have a wonderful time. Ireland is our favorite place. Have a pint of Guinness for me.

Posted by Stephanie
Raleigh, NC
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a decent tench coat or rain coat and umbrella should be enough. kind of depends on where you are going. i went on a 3 day tour of southern Ireland with 'Paddy Wagon Tours' (they were great!) in September when we stopped at a small village named "Cong" it was sunny when we got off the bus, started to pour rain, then 10 minutes later bright an sunny again. western Ireland was sunny and windy i also spent 4 days in Dublin where it rained once or twice for a few minutes. for June you may need something more substantial then shorts and tees. 2 pairs of Khaki pants and some sturdy socks, a 3 button down shirts and a cardigan were all i took and did not feel i needed more. i walked a lot in Dublin so that helped keep me warm. i had my normal walking shoes and a pair of comfy oxfords never had an issue of wet socks or cold toes. hope this helps. I traveled alone and had so much fun.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I remember reading a piece on traveling in Ireland (I think it was in the New York Times, but I'm not sure). Upon arriving in Dublin Airport in June, the writer was surprised to see big posters in the airport saying "Book your summer sun getaway to the Canaries now!" Summer sun getaway? Doesn't Ireland get sun in the summer? He then learned that the answer is, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. So, if you need predictably "good weather," you're going to the wrong country, even in the summer. Since you're used to hot weather, with the dampness it may feel very cold to you, whatever the thermometer says. I have this problem in London and Amsterdam, which probably aren't quite as damp as Ireland, and I'm from New York, which isn't as hot as Austin. I found that when it was 50 degrees F in those cities, I had to wear several cotton layers, or I froze. But if I tried to wear a wool sweater instead of a cotton one, I roasted, since it wasn't really cold enough for that (but it sure felt like it without all the layers).

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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When we were in Ireland last April it rained almost everyday. HOWEVER, the rain really lasted more than twenty minutes, then there would be beautiful fluffy clouds and intermittent sunshine. Some days, it only rained once, some days the cycle repeated a few times. The rain wasn't the hard-driving downpour variety, but soft showers. It's like the weather in the Pacific northwest if you have been in that area. Find a waterPROOF (not water-repellant or resistent) parka with a hood you can flip up when it rains. Check out Duluth Trading Co.; they have good ones which are light-weight and much cheaper than Goretex. Many walking shoes are water-proof - that's also useful. Mine are Salomon brand. If you do feel chilly, there are lots of good sweater shops.

Posted by Kaz
Santa Clarita, CA, USA
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Kathy, A good rain coat and an umbrella (you can by them cheap over there) should suffice. I was in Southern Ireland for 2 weeks during June, a few years back. The few times that it did rain, it was not the freezing cold rain of winters. Just have your umbrella and rain coat handy. In general, it always rains in Ireland. There is no getting around that. However, I noticed that their rains tend to last an hour or so at the most, and then clears up. Thus, I would not change any of your plans due to rain. The only exception if you will be hiking, on a boat, etc.... Being from Southern California, I am not used to rain either. I actually found that the rain, mist and low clouds only add beauty the experience. I absolutely loved it! You'll do fine! Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Elaine
Mission Viejo, Calif., USA
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Hello. My husband and I were on a TAUCK tour of Ireland, last June We were gone a total of three weeks. It rained absolutely every single solitary day. We didn't mind though. Ireland is beyond gorgeous, in spite of the rain. It would pour and then stop. We would wait five minutes and it would start all over. We experienced the hardest and heaviest rain in Belfast. The umbrellas just blow out of people's hands. They just leave them on the streets. It was funny to watch. The peole in Ireland are the greatest we have ever come across, during our travels.

Posted by Betty
Plano, TX, United States
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We are also from Texas. We took the RS IRELAND tour the last 2 weeks of June 2012. It rained on us most every day. Sometimes it was just a fine mist that was so exhilarating. Definitely cooler than Texas. However, when we were at the Antrium Coast,we were very hot. For me,a hooded rain/windbreaker,worked well. Also,since it was so damp,our laundry did not dry in our room. You will have a wonderful time. The Irish people are so warm and friendly. They make up for the sometimes dismal weather.

Posted by Mary
Reno, NV, USA
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We were in Ireland in July many years ago. I believe we had one fine day on the Dingle peninsula just by luck. We got very wet and had umbrellas turned inside out in the wind and rain. That being said, a lovely cozy fire at the b&b and a cuppa warmed us up later in the day. Not to mention the warmth of the wonderful Irish. Wear layers. You will have special memories of Ireland guaranteed.

Posted by Debe
Westport, Ireland
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At the moment, it is cold here on the West coast! Last year at this time it was sandal weather...still wearing boots now :) Fingers crossed for you (and us) that mid June will feel more like summer or even spring. Enjoy your visit!

Posted by Kathy
Valrico, Fl
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Hi Kathy, We were in Ireland for 12 days in July 2011. It only rained one day and the weather was wonderful. I wore capris and jeans and a light jacket at night. You are going to love it. It's like walking around in a post card it is so beautiful!!

Posted by Joel
Tempe, AZ, USA
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Kathy - Our family went to Ireland late May thru early June last year. In 15 days we had 3 days of rain. The only rain gear I took was my Eddie Bauer Weather Edge jacket. It worked just fine. I didn't find it to cold when it rained.