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Ireland in July...

Was hoping for some feedback on people's experience visiting Ireland in July...I know the weather is unpredictable and that the high temps run around 68 degrees, but would you recommend packing capris instead of shorts? Raincoat or umbrella? Is polarfleece overdoing???? I would love any input on what to bring!!!
thanks for any info!

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I was there at the end of June to the beginning of July in 2004 and the weather was very comparable to Seattle, which is to say that it can be unpredictable. If it were me, I would take capri's over shorts, plus a pair of long pants as well. Layers are best, so maybe a sweater and a light weight jacket and a small travel umbrella.

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My sister and I were in Ireland for a week last July. During the day, we wore pants or capris with long sleeved t-shirts and hooded windbreakers/raincoats. We definitely needed light fleece jackets in the evening. I don't remember either of us wearing shorts at all. Wearing layers is definitely wise.

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Have been in Ireland in late July/Aug. I recommend long pants, maybe capris... not shorts. Take a variety of tops, a T-shirt or two, a "big shirt"(large button up shirt) that can double as a light jacket, or even as a dress, maybe a light sweater that you can wear under a windbreaker type jacket. If the jacket has a hood, you could possibly skip the umbrella, but I always carry a small travel one , no matter what. On a really cool day you could wear the long pants, the T, and either the big shirt or the sweater with the jacket overall. Should do for almost any weather.