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Ireland CDW

Does anyone have an American credit card that covers your rental insurance in Ireland? I know they don't accept many riders and require/encourage you to buy CDW.

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According to American Express, Visa, and my personal insurance there is no coverage extended to Ireland (and Israel). When I was there the car rental comp. told me that the reason is Ireland has the second most accidents in the world behind Portugal and the highest uninsured driver rate, hence the tough insurance rules.

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When I drove in Ireland in 2005, my MasterCard provided coverage. However, I have read that currently only the WORLD MasterCard still provides coverage. If you have that card, check your Master Rental Agreement.

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Check with your credit card company to determine exactly what type of CDW insurance they provide. Often the insurance is provided by a separate firm, so you'll probably have to call them for the specifics.

Be sure that the CDW limit isn't affected by the limit on your card, as the card could be "maxed out" in a big hurry if that's the case!

Frommer's or one of the other big travel companies recently mentioned that Ireland is the second most dangerous place to drive in Europe, just behind Greece. Be VERY careful!

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As it turns out, no I don't, and that was news to me. I called Visa and was told what you've all been saying. My card will not cover me in Ireland, neither The Republic or the North, Jamaica or Israel. Buying the insurance from the car hire company is a bagrain at twice the price. Having been involved in accidents in Ireland and England, I can speak from experiance.