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Ireland Cars

We'll be visiting Ireland for 12 days as our first trip to Europe; leaving in just another week. Our main transportation will be a small car rental.

Can anyone tell me if there if I need any special adaptor for the cigarette lighter in the car in order to use my US cell phone to keep it charged?

Also, although the steering wheel is on the 'other' side, are the gas and brake pedals the same as a US vehicle or are they switched as well?


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I think the gas and brake pedals were the same (gas on the right). The stick shift in your left hand takes a bit of getting used to, as well as the driving to the left. Work out the kinks away from the city centers if you've never driven on the left before. It takes a few minutes of being cursed for being on the wrong side of the road before it all sinks in. I have no idea about the cigarette lighter though, as we did not have a cell phone with us. Don't overestimate distances, the roadways are much different in Ireland. The major roads are nothing like America's super highways. That said, enjoy your trip. The scenery is unbelievably beautiful.

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While the gearshift is on the left, the shifting pattern for forward gears is the same as in the US. The gas, brake, and clutch pedals are also the same as you're used to. Cars have a 12-volt electrical system just like in the US.