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Ireland Car Rental

We will be in Ireland in late August and plan to rent a csr. I keep hearing about World Mastercard supplying CDW insurance, but my World Mastercard from Barclays doesn't have this benefit in Ireland. As far as getting a different card, Mastercard won't tell you what the benefits are without a card number, and the banks tell you that only Mastercard knows the benefits. So you can only learn the benefits by applying for and obtaining the credit card. Then and only then will anyone tell you if it has CDW in Ireland. Whacko! Does anyone have current info on which world Mastercard had CDW in Ireland?? Thanks!!

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As far as I know, no one insures you in Ireland anymore (through Mastercard). And I wouldn't trust credit card insurance coverage anymore, anyway. I had a bad experience years ago, when many cards did still cover Ireland. Long story short, I verified coverage repeatedly before my trip (and yes, I had it in writing), had a small accident, they found a way to deny it, and I was stuck with the bill. The rental company itself even went to bat for me, to no avail. The insurance company knows you aren't going to sue them over a $500 bill.

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In 2005 my Capital One World MasterCard provided coverage in Ireland. I don't think it does anymore.

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Mike, rent your car here with your credit card, and buy basic CDW thru the rental agency. Cover the "Excess/"Super CDW" deductible with a supplemental plan offered by firms like Travel Guard, Thomas Cook Travel, or a broker like Money Super CDW does not cover tires, wheels, underbody damage, windshields, towing, etc. I bought a lo-cost (around $35 US) supplemental policy thru MM for our trip in Ireland a few weeks ago, and it covered the costs when I put the wrong fuel in my rental.