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Ireland by Train

A friend and I are planning on traveling to Ireland for 11 days in March and making a loop from Dublin, to Cork, to Galway and back to Dublin.

Our plan would be to use public transportation while in Dublin, and take the train from Dublin to Cork. In Cork, rent a car for exploring between there and Galway, and return to Dublin by train again (preferably from Galway). We will be traveling with luggage - do the trains have accommodations for luggage?


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Yes, the trains do have accommodations for luggage and rather nice. You will see wonderful countryside. However, it may be just as quick to take a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Cork. If you are traveling from USA to Ire on Aer Lingus check their website for Hertz rental car; which you can actally get cheaper deal thru the Aer Lingus website then by going thru the International Hertz web site.

If you do decide to take train to Cork. You should take cab to Cork Aerport to pick up your rental. It will be easier than trying to schlep your bags to another location in town. (trust me on this one) :)

I would book the car thru to Dublin; as it will be quicker to get back to dubs via car and return car rental at Dublin Aerport, however, if you can get your ticket changed and fly out of Shannon would even be better; as it is a wonderful aerport to fly out of and you can spend more time in the West! The road from Galway to Shannon is about 45 min.


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I am sorry I did not give you more info on Ryanair. Check out They are known for cheap air fair in Ireland and their owner has a large share of Aer Lingus stock.

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Jennifer,---There is a luggage storage area at the end of each car. If you do not see it where you enter the car walk to the other end and you will find it. Sometimes it is possible to put the luggage under the table separating the seats.