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Ireland by Bus?

I had a question about traveling Ireland by Bus that I hoped you travellers could help me with. In March (9th-17th) three friends and myself will be traveling to Ireland for a week. We are planning on buying bus passes in order to travel because renting a car has been too much of a hassel for us seeing as we're all 23. Our problem is, we would like to go visit the Rock of Cashel. The problem with this is according to Bus Eireann's timetables it takes about four hours from Kilkenny to Cashel or else two hours from Cork to Cashel. I was wondering if anyone knew of a great day trip company in Ireland that perhaps we could arrange a morning or afternoon trip to the Rock of Cashel with, preferably one that was located out of Kilkenny or Cork. Even a private guide is a possibility if they could do transportation there as well. I know this is a tall order but we'd really like to see it and would rather know sooner than later if we'll need to scrap this idea.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give us!

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Emily, by now you're in Ireland... hopefully having a great time. I had the same question as you regarding a day trip to Cashel. I'm curious... what did you end up doing? Were you able to find a tour? Any ideas I might use on my trip in late April? Thanks much, paula

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We ended up not going to Cashel because we could not find any day trip tours by bus or otherwise. What I did find was that as far as traveling Ireland by bus goes, I would definitely not attempt to do as much as we did. I would maybe choose three places you want to see i.e. Dublin, Dingle Peninsula, and Galway and then stick to those places, especially if you are strapped for time like we we're. It takes awhile to get places and oftentimes delays were small but annoying enough that we missed a connection, had to wait for the next one, and ended up having to quickly revise our plans. That unfortunately, as one of our fellow passengers told us is, "Typical Bus Eireann".

I know its not encouraging, but enjoy your trip! Ireland is beautiful.