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Ireland at Christmas and New Year's

I would like to go to Ireland between Christmas and New Year's with my family. We have never been there. I'm afraid that the daylight will be limited and the weather cold. Can anyone shed some light as to if this is a possible trip and where we should go? Thanks.

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It never gets what someone from NH would consider really cold in Ireland. After all, many parts of the country have palm trees even that far north. The Gulf Stream keeps the water (and the air) warmer than you would expect. They rarely have snow of any consequence. It will get dark early, though. I've been to Ireland as early as February and found some cold days and some where I barely needed a jacket. On my last trip, they were already mowing the grass at Newgrange. You might want to have some indoor activities (museums, churches, tours, shopping) planned in case the weather is bad. Dublin would have lots to see and do, with easy day trips to places like Glendalough, Avoca, and Newgrange.

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Jo-Ann, I just checked and sunset in Dublin on December 28 is 4:12 and in Manchester NH it is 4:18. Sunrise is an hour later in Dublin,8:12, which is an hour later than NH so it is basically the same as what you experience where you live.

One thing I would check and see if the places you want to see are open for that week. A lot of Ireland closes down between Xmas and New Years. The weather will be considerably warmer than NH,especially along the coasts.

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As the poster above says be very careful about places you want to visit around Christmas. Christmas is the biggest holiday in Ireland and most work places close for about a week or more - and this includes tourist places of interest.

If you do go - and are in Dublin - be sure to go to a Christmas Pantomine at one of the theatres. A really fascinating experience but you will have to book in advance for this as they are extremely popular with families.