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Ireland and Scotland in 2 weeks

I have read the great posts on itineraries for Ireland and definitely use them for our trip. We would like to go to both Ireland and Scotland and need advice on where to take the ferry, etc. We haven't bought out tix yet, but there's a great sale. Should we fly into Dublin and out of Shannon, and take a few days in Scotland? Or, fly into Ireland and out of Scotland? I assume separate rental cars in each country is the best. Thanks!

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All our answers will be subjective because this is a decision only you can make.
Right now the great airfares seem to be to Ireland. Check Sidestep, Orbitz and BestFares as well as the Aer Lingus websites to choose your route. NOT certain but believe you can take your Irish rental via ferry to Scotland but again would be prudent to check online through the rental car company your prefer. Here's a link for ferries between Ireland and Scotland.

Have a wonderful trip.

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If you only have two weeks, I'd fly into Dublin, spend some time there then go to Scotland and fly out of maybe Edinburgh? I haven't done it but you would be wasting time going to Scotland then going back to Ireland to fly out.
I don't know what the distance is from Holyhead into Scotland but my husband and I thought about the same thing you are doing only we would take a month. You can rent a car near Holyhead and drive on up to Scotland and fly home from Scotland. Keep us posted as to what you decide so the rest of us can "plan" our future trips.

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Tanya, we are traveling to Ireland, then going over to Scotland, then going back to Dublin to catch our flight home. (It was cheaper to book round trip from Dublin and fly back to Dublin than open-jaw.) We were trying to figure out the ferry from Belfast to Edinburgh, and figured out that for the sake of time and money, a flight was best. (It was going to take us about 5-7 hours to take the ferry and then the train from Belfast to Edinburgh). We booked a flight with Flybe from Belfast to Edinburgh (50 minutes and you're there!) for 23 Pounds (It's an additional 8 Pounds to check luggage). And then our flight from Edinburgh to Dublin through Aer Lingus cost about 44 Pounds per person INCLUDING the baggage fee. These prices are all per person. Hope this helps...

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I haven't checked flights lately, but you should explore flying into Glasgow as well as Edinburgh. Both are nice little airports with less stress than the bigger airports such as Gatewick and Heathrow. There are ferries from Northern Ireland to Scotland. They end up in Ayr. Pam

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Transport between Ireland and Scotland can be by ferry or air. You can catch a ferry at Larne and go to Troon or Stranraer. Ryanair flies from Dublin to Edinburgh, and I think, "Glasgow" which is in fact Prestwick - not too far from Troon where the ferry comes in.

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Thanks a million to all of you! We are checking for the best flights now. I will post our plans soon!