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Internet connection

If I brought laptop to Europe, Can I get the free internet besides in the airport area?

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You will have to pay for most WiFi hotspots. They are typically not free. In fact I have never encountered an airport that had free wifi.
There may be some hotels or cafés that give it away for free but they are the exception. I've found that McDonald's location in the larger cities usually have the cheapest rates.

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Helen, although I choose not to take my computer due to the many negatives I noted that every hotel I stayed in offered free wifi. I was surprised but have decided that in Europe, the lower end the hotel, the more likely they offer internet to their patrons. Usually when I made arrangements the web site said whether there was wifi available and whether there was a charge. And I too noted that the airports didn't offer the service. It seems like even the Starbucks were charging to get on-line, but as I said, I didn't take my computer.

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Thank you guys for all the input. I decided not to bother bring my laptop. I think it's cheaper and easier (at least lighter) to just go to internet cafe overthere.

Thanks again!

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I go to Europe every year and little by little I am noticing fewer internet cafes. So be warned that when you see one use it. Also some chain hotels as Ibis & Mecure also have internet in their lobby which you can buy a prepaid card for.
I agree laptops just become a heavy nuisance when on vacation.

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I've also noticed some internet cafés now exclusively cater to teenagers playing on line video games.

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I took a pocket pc and generally found free wifi often enough to keep me happy. It is only the size of a cell phone so didn't have the bulk of a laptop. I won't travel without it now.

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Interesting, because it seems to me that there are more and more internet cafes here in Edinburgh. And Starbucks has just made their wi fi free (though they probably expect you to buy something when you visit).

It is possible that internet cafes may not be quite so popular because there are wifi hotspots just about everywhere - public squares, stations, airports, cafes, hotels etc. in many European countries. Most are not free, but you can get good deals/freebies via add ons to phone and broadband plans.

That said, I think that unless you are in a very small town, there will be a way to access the internet whether via internet cafe, free wifi, paid wifi or hotel computer (free or paid). So it's really a personal choice whether to bring a laptop - you might get more chances to get online, but it's one more thing to carry.