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Interesting Article for 1st time visitors to UK

I saw a link to this article on TripAdvisor. I read it and loved it! It is about what everyone should know about the British before their first visit. I wondered what all of you would think about it.

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Toni, I also enjoyed the article. It provides somewhat of an "introduction" on what Olympic visitors to the U.K. can expect, especially those that haven't been there before. Perhaps Immigration should give all arriving visitors a short handout with a description of local expressions, so that first-timers are able to "translate" when they're dealing with locals. That way they won't be shocked when the proprietor of their B&B asks them "what time would like to be knocked-up in the morning". Hopefully most visitors from this part of the world will be aware not to use the term "Fanny Pack". Cheers!

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What a cool article! It's a reminder of how complex cultures are, and how we take that for granted in our own culture because we know the rules.

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Yes, I agree, a great article! I liked the bit on accents. I work for a British company now and oh my the accents. They are particularly challenging when on telephone conference call. ; ) If you ever do get into the northern country side of England it can get really thick. Then there's the Glaswegian accent. ; )