'Inner Circle' Tour with Stonehenge Tours

I know that I just inquired about Evan Evans tours, but it seems the trip my husband wants is full on all of the days we'll be in London. So now I'm left with Stonehenge Tours--that's the actual name of the company--and I'm about to book it but just want some input as to if it is a good idea or not (it costs enough in both time and money to warrant at least an inquiry on here!)

Details: The tour includes Bath (which I'd love to see), Lacock, and Stonehenge 'at sunset'--even though the sun will NOT be setting when we are there at that time of the year. Basically what my husband wants more than anything is a 'private viewing' of the stones--he wants to walk inside of them, and there are a few tours that promise this. I'm also VERY open to hearing other ways we can do that (or, if this is the case, reasons why this is not that great of an idea, though he really, really wants to do it). Thank you in advance!

Posted by Ed
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Look at a telephone pole down the block.

Walk up next to it and look again.

Does it still look like a telephone pole?

Stonehenge is small and not really that impressive. I wouldn't devote a lot of effort to it. I speak from experience of having been there way before the fence and having taken a bunch of people there over the years.

Posted by Randy
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I would probably qualify as a naysayer.

But if your husband really wants to do it, and it can be done, why not? A trip is all about doing what you want to do, right?

I've been there twice, once close-up and once from behind a rope & wasn't "wowed". But it's a famous place and 30 minutes spent there is certainly better than 30 minutes doing nothing, so why not?

I think Bath is over-rated, too. But if you want to see it, you should.

All of that is a long day trip from London, though.

Posted by Nancy
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I thought both Stonehenge and Bath were wonderful. I saw Stonehenge while you could still walk among the stones, though - not sure what the experience would be like now.