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Inexpensive and fun way to go London to Dublin

Virgin Trains has had the same price Virgin Value fares for years now to travel from London's Euston station to Dublin Ferry Port or Dun Laogherie but I've never heard anyone here mention it. This is a 4 hour train journey to Holyhead, Wales with a 1.5 or 3 hour ferry ride across the Irish Sea on Stena Line or Irish Ferries. Booked 3 weeks in advance, it's only 16 pounds one way. No luggage fees, no airport hassles, and an interesting way to go. You can take an evening train and a night ferry, or a day train plus ferry. The ferries are plenty fun with food and entertainment, the latter only during the day though. I've done this a few times, definitely worth it. Met some great people along the way each time. You can't book online, you must call Virgin Trains in the UK to book.

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Saw your post and it sounds wonderful. I can't stand another airline hassle, with luggage restrictions, security checks, cancelled flights, blah blah blah. My only question: my wife has a tendency towards sea sickness so would the ferry part of the journey be rough?

Thanks for the terrific idea.


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As with any sea voyage, the possibility of encountering chop on the water exists. I can't say that I did on the fast 90 minute Stena Line ship I was on in June nor the slower 3 hour Irish Ferries boat I was aboard for a 3 hour journey in the middle of the night in late September. Just the obvious motion you can feel when sailing across open water.

I would suggest the faster ship if possible (both lines have a speedy vessel and slower ones with larger capacity) as well as ginger pills. People swear by ginger as a remedy for motion sickness. Worked well on Mythbusters and historically the Chinese have used it for centuries.