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Iceland itinerary recommendation

Hi All, I desparately need your recommendations. We have a 2 week vacation scheduled for end of August but I have procrastinated in picking a destination and finalizing our plans. We have finally decided on Iceland but really need your help putting an itinerary together. I haven't purchased the flight tickets yet. So we don't have to spend 2 whole weeks in Iceland. We can save some of those days and use for a different trip. We are not big on package tours or bus trips. We like to be independent with our own cars. Do you experienced travelers have tips and recommendations on putting together a trip around Iceland, not just around Reykjavik. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Get a Lonely Planet Iceland book and read it - it will have everything you need and then some. You can plan to drive the entire Ring Road if you have the time and inclination. Look on the Iceland and Reykjavik websites - they are really excellent. I guarantee those 3 sources will offer you more guidance than anyone on this board can possibly do. By the way, a car rental may be pricey - look into it. Guided tours are pricey too, but that's the option I took.