Iceland Itinerary and Car Rental Question

I am going to Iceland Dec 14- 18th and wanted to know if I am a fast walker and want to take photos of these places (see below) what could I combined together to see (similar locations and should I stay somewhere central to these spots or in which locations? Also doesn't Iceland have laws regarding winter and roads with a rental car. What kind of rental car do I have to get to see these places and which roads can I use in December using a rental car automatic? - Baths: Blue Lagoon > Side Trip: Gullfoss & Hraunfossar, > Side Trip: Seljalandsfoss & Sk├│garfoss Waterfall > Side Trip: Godafoss Waterfalls
> Side Tour: Dynjandi (Fjallfoss) Waterfall

Posted by Nicholas
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I don't think that hitting all of those places across all of Iceland is realistic for the three days that you actually have for travel (assuming that the 14th and 18th are days for travel logistics arriving and departing Iceland). You should Google where all these places are and make sure you understand what you are getting into.. I've only rented a car in Iceland once, but if you rent a 2WD car you will be limited in where you can drive (mainly just to Gullfoss/Geysir and Western Iceland). If you go outside of the area they allow, your insurance doesn't cover anything. A 4X4 is a better bet if you are really determined to head out to the eastern side during the winter. You can check road conditions here to get a taste of what is coming: If I were you, I would not plan on hitting Godafoss at all. It's just too far out there. Gullfoss & Hraunfossar are both a little out there, but still in the most populace area (and the biggest tourist destinations) so you should be OK there if you are OK with winter driving. Seljalandsfoss & Sk├│garfoss should be just fine since they are on the ring road. Fjallfoss might be better with an overnight somewhere up there, as opposed to trying to do a day trip there. During the summer, all of these would be AOK.. but I am not sure how I would feel about heading there during the winter.