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How to get from Killarney to Dingle - not renting a car

I am doing Ireland with my 74 yr old mom and 16 yr old daughter for a week in April. We will be in Killarney/Dingle area for 2-3 days, arriving by train from Dublin. Is there any other way to get to Dingle without going through Tralee and using public bus/train? Just seems time consuming. I am going to reserve a tour with Sciuird Archaeology, as recommended by Steve, so I don't need a tour... just transportation! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, Paula

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The trip by bus only takes two - two one half hours depending on which bus you take.Driving time in a car is about an hour and a half so there is not really much time wasted going by bus,plus it is a scenic ride.

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If you are taking the train from Dublin to Killarney, then a bus to Dingle would be a good choice. It would be rather expensive to take a cab/mini-bus to Dingle.

Sciuird Archaeology tour is from Dingle town to the peninsula and is fantastic and is not to be missed. Especially, since you are staying in Dingle for 2-3 days. You, your daughter and surely, your 74 yr old mom would totally enjoy the Sciurid tour. It was the best money I ever spent. Mention you heard about the tour in Steves book and you usually get an extra stop and time with guide. It was facinating and the great thing was I didn't have to do the driving on the 'Peninsula' and miss the scenary.