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How far a walk for London?

Will be arriving at the Euston train station (from Glasgow)around noon, so we are planning on visiting the British Museum and Library while in that area. Afterward, taking the tube to our hotel near the Victoria station and staying there for 4 nights. My plan was to walk to the sights we want to see, with the farthest one being the Tower of London. (possibly even taking a boat ride back)Is this manageble? Four, five mile walks are not a problem and also gives me good reason to eat more.

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It's about 4 miles from Victoria Station to the Tower of London. There are lots of different ways you can walk, one being along the Thames.

However, if you're considering taking the boat back, why not stop on you way to the Tower?

Whichever way you choose, you'll pass Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Big Ben and a block away are the Churchill War Rooms.

If you decide to take the northern side of the Thames, I'd suggest a two block detour to see St. Pauls Cathedral. Then on to the Tower.

If you go the southern route, there's the Globe Theater.

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Steve is right that it is sometimes less a question of distance than of lost time. There are neighborhoods that are worth seeing on foot and others that you won't mind missing. Walk the Victoria Embankment? Absolutely. British Museum area? Yes, maybe. I like walking the South Bank from the London Eye to Shakespeare's Globe, and Trafalgar Sq down Pall Mall to Buckingham Palace. But would I walk to the Tower of London? No way. Nor would I recommend a walk to the Imperial War Museum. Not bad neighborhoods, not terribly dangerous, just not worth the time or shoe leather. Plus, riding the Tube is an experience in itself. "Mind the gap!"

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Victoria to the Tower is certainly do-able.

If it was me I'd go down Victoria Street, past Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, cross the river on Westminster Bridge and then walk up the south bank.

It's about 5 miles but you pass various points of interest and the views back across the river are excellent.

I would probably stop for a beer at the Founders Arms, if the timing was right.

Coming back by boat is also a good idea.


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that's exactly what I was planning. Taking a walk past all those sites and partaking in some beverages along the way. Thanks for all the comments.

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I love walking In London, and have certainly done my share. However, don't be averse to using the Tube to get from Point A to Point B. It's a judgement call you will need to make for yourself.

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I'm all prepared with the tube. Already have an app on my Itouch ready to go.

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You could also do the hop on and off double decker bus for a day. I am a walker also, but after awhile I just like to ride around and watch everything go by.
The British Museum is huge and cna be exhausting. I spent 4 days there one trip.

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I often walk six miles for some exercize, but I don't want to spend 8 hours on my feet after that. Remember you walk a lot just meandering while seeing things, so walking 5 miles to an area and sightseeing the rest of the day could easily mean 8-10 miles of walking and 8-10 hours on your feet before you are "done" for the day.

We walked 3 miles back to our apartment after the Bastille day fireworks in Paris and it was a joy, but that was after sitting for most of the previous 5 hours.

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Make occasional use of the buses in London. They go everywhere and cost less than the Underground. Plus, you have a view, especially if you sit up-top on a double-decker. There is less walking with buses than with the Tube, so you can save yourself for the Tower or wherever. Sometimes I walk to my destination, then take public transit back to my hotel.

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If youre interested in History, a walk from Westminster, Whitehall, Strand area to Tower of London would take you on a route that goes back hundreds of years, i.e. Diarist Samuel Pepys, etc. There are some 17th century buildings, St Olaves church, Fleet St, etc, that would be interesting for someone that enjoys history. If you are just interested in "touristy" stuff, then yes, you might want to pass it up.

Whilst in London, I am one that does tend to walk 8-10 hours a day. I take buses around as well and walk around, then find the nearest tube station to get back to my hotel. I am really big on staying off the beaten path, especially since I have been there 3 times.

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Keep in mind the places that you want to see. The British Museum and Tower of London are walking-heavy places (the museum more so than the Tower, certainly, depending on how long you plan to stay at each). A four or five mile walk is great in and of itself, but spending the entire day on your feet can become really uncomfortable, really quickly, no matter how good of a walker you are and what sort of shoes you've invested in.