Hotels in London

We will be in London in the Spring, on our way to Paris via the tunnel. Any good ideas for hotel near by that have a some character and aren't at the top of expensive?

Posted by Cliff
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I studied the areas on and made a few bids before getting a 4* hotel(Mid March) just 3 blocks from buckingham palace and 1 block from tube entrance for under 100USD taxes included a night. Our room was in the back of the hotel, small, but perfect for our needs.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Two things, Dorothy... First, and certainly the very most important, I strongly advise you to log in and go to your Profile, and remove some of your personal information. With your whole name, town and zipcode your house could be very vulnerable. This is a completely open website and you never know who is reading it. If you disclose your name and address and later on disclose when you will be away from home ... Second, for those who wish to help, please define what aren't at the top of expensive means to you. It means something different to everyone. Also, how many is "we"? Kids, seniors, teens? Have you been to London before? How long will you have there? Where would you like to be? What time will your Eurostar departure from London be? Weekday or weekend? Happy planning...

Posted by Tod
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Not to plug Rick too much but buy his London and Paris books (or England and France depending on your plans) and read his recommendations and double-check your choices with on-line reviews. He has some smaller BnB style places in London near Victoria Station that might fit the bill. We stayed in Luna Simon near there hospitable in a very pretty neighborhood with nice restaurants but a hotel not a family BnB atmosphere. Book as early as possible to lock in a small place. The Victoria station area is near the palace, Westminister and several other sites and the big train/bus/tube conjunction. London is big so plan on traveling to see all the sites. The tube is easy but not scenic and the buses are more complicated but you get travel above ground. We've stayed in one of his Rue Cler area small hotels (Hotel Champs du Mars) and this is probably exactly what you're looking for - some old world character in the hotel and the surrounding neighborhood and near the Eiffel Tower. Paris is small and walkable and the metro is great so more important that where your hotel is is what metro stations are nearby. If you have nearby station(s) that give you access to both north/south and east/west meto lines you'll be all set. Have a great trip! I predict Paris will seen boutique and intimate after London but they are both great cities.