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Hotels by Victoria Station

I am flying in through Heathrow early evening and leaving the following day mid afternoon out of Gatwick mid October. I have never been to London and not familiar with how easy or difficult it is to get around. I thought it might be a good idea to stay by Victoria Station as I figured that transportation to Gatwick can be done out of Victoria Station.

Does anyone know of any decent hotels or have recommendations around that area? I don't want to spend too much money but don't want a real dive either.

Thank you!

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We always have stayed at the Cherry Court Hotel. The rooms are small, but reasonably priced. The location is right behind Victoria Station and it would be very convenient to take the train to Gatwick. The Patel's (who own the hotel) are very nice people and will hold your luggage at the hotel for a small fee if you want to sightsee before going to the airport. Just be advised that the rooms are small and not fancy. However, it is a clean, affordable place to stay. It is recommended in Rick's London and England guidebooks and their web site is They do fill up early, so book as soon as you decide if it is what you want. Have fun

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We stayed near Victoria for 2 nights in July for the same reason - convenient to the Gatwick Express. Cannot recall the name of our hotel and not sure I could recommend it but it is a good area to stay.

Unlike some areas near major train stations (thinking near Kings Cross or Paddington) the area around Victoria is much more normal London to me. Lots of good pubs and curry houses.

There are heaps and heaps of hotels near Victoria. I find most hotels in central London either budget and pretty diveý or ridiculously expensive - there doesn´t seem to be a lot of middle ground. I have read good reviews of Cherry Court and did try to stay there but they did not have accomm when we needed it. A good sign of course.

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We always stay in the Victoria Station area unless departing through HRow and then we stay near Paddington. The Lime Tree -- across the street and around the corner -- is very, very nice but probably more than you may want to pay. The Winchester, a couple blocks further away is more reasonable. The area is full of small hotels and you could walk down the street until you found one you liked.

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I was in London last fall and stayed at Cartref House, which is in the Victoria Station area on Ebury Street. It's an easy walk to the station (even with a 50 lb. Backpack!). I found the prices at Cartref reasonable, the rooms comfortable, the breakfasts great and the owners wonderful!

The Gatwick Express is a easy way to get to the Airport (about £15 from what I recall).

Happy travels!

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We stayed near Victoria in May. WE stayed at the James House on Ebury Street. It was an easy walk to the Victoria station and lots of restaurants nearby. It is also easy walking to lots of sights to see. It was our first room of our trip and our first trip to London and felt o.k at the time. As we traveled more, it wasn't as clean as our rooms that followed on this trip. It is listed in Rick Steves guide, so that is why we stayed there.

We also tried to stay at the Cherry Hotel based on things I read at Trip advisor, but it was also full as was mentioned in the other post here.

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While the Gatwick Express is good, you may wish to consider take the Southern line. It takes only from 0-15 minutes more (depending on which train you get), but costs £10 per person less. The GE will cost around $18, while the Southern line costs £9.25 (or £9.75) per person. It will make between 0 and 2 stops before Gatwick airport. It also runs just as often as the GE. You can check it at, using the Journey Planner and putting in London Victoria to Gatwick airport.

There are many hotels within a three to four block radius of Victoria Station. Many are good, but many are known to be, shall we say, not the cleanest. October is becoming a bit busy, so you may wish to do some checking now. If I can help in any way, feel free to throw some names out there either here or in a private message, and I'll be happy to let you know what I know about any of them.

London's easy to get around, as transportation is excellent. Expensive, but excellent :-) Staying in this area (Victoria) means you'll be able to get to the Station for your train in an easy 5-10 minutes' walk.

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I can highly recommend the Luna & Simone near Victoria Station. Look on the TripAdvisor website for hotel ratings & reviews from travelers.

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This is why I love this site! Thanks for all the information, I will start looking into some of the suggestions. Keep sending your recommendations! Thank You!

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You could try The Sidney Hotel on the Pimlico side of Victoria Stn. Its a typical budget business class hotel. Bathrooms are in room, but tiny. Pretty quiet. There is an elevator if you need to use it. One night mid week in Oct with full hot buffet breakfast I think is 69 pounds if you book online 14 days in advance. Its less than a 10 min walk from Victoria Stn. There's a 24hr bus that stops every 7-15 mins in front of the hotel that goes to Westminster Abbey/Trafalger Sqr/theater district/Hampstead Heath. Many of Rick Steve's suggested eateries are within a few blks walking distance.
Website: .

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The streets surrounding Victoria Station can be really crazy but a few streets off is much more pleasent. We stayed at the Lime Tree Hotel (recommended in the book) and had a wonderful stay. I highly recommended them.

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Bit of advice.....Do NOT confuse the Lime Tree Hotel (good) with the Lime Grove hotel (bad, very bad...)

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Sorry if this is a dup (I had a reply done but it didn't seem to recognize that I was already logged in).

You've gotten some good rec's. However, take the time to do the research, and don't discount a hotel just because it isn't included in a guide book. There are so many hotels in this area, and it would be far too arduous for a reviewer to stay in every single one. Unfortunately, it's easier to look at a couple, and then lump all others into the same "bad" category just because they're located on the same street.

Hotels change over time, otherwise they would go out of business with constant and consistent bad reviews and unfavourable word of mouth. Some get better, some don't. The Lime Grove hotel is making some changes, and we're hearing they're for the better. They doesn't mean we don't still get people coming to us begging for a room because they don't want to return there ;-)

I wanted to make a correction from my last post -- I obviously meant that the Gatwick Express was £18 (GBP) and not $18 (USD).

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The B&B Belgravia looks very nice, though didn't have a room available for the dates of our trip.

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As long as your hotel is somewhere in zones 1&2, and it's relatively close to a tube station, there is no reason you couldn't get to Victoria Station in 30 minutes (maybe 45 minutes if you have to take the Circle Line - it seems slower).

The Victoria Station area is fine, and you should be able to find a room - but if you can't, don't sweat it too much.

The tube is - in my experience - the greatest public transportation system in the world.