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Hotel or flat

Do any of you savvy travelers know of a good value, great London central location hotel or flat that will accommodate a family of 5 adults?

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Booking online can be tricky when you vary from the standard two people in a double room. My technique is to call hotels, that seem decent, directly. Tell them what you need (e.g. lodging for 5 adults for three nights). Let them tell you what they can offer. If it sounds good, ask the price. If the price is right, book it. I've traveled with a family of five (three kids). Contacting hotels directly sometimes resulted in family rooms, two rooms, or even apartments that were owned and managed by the hotel.

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Brad is right about contacting hotels directly, rather than relying on websites, for your particular needs. If you don't want to call, a direct e-mail works well too.

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Check out for flats. We had some great places through that sight for our last family vacation. We love to go to the local markets and cook, and its awesome to have a living room for hanging out in the evenings. We found it a better deal than renting 2 hotel rooms or squeezing everyone into one room.

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Lo's advice is good, I think. If the five of you are staying for more than two or three nights, I'd suggest a flat rather than a hotel. Room to spread out, some can sleep while others get up early or stay up late, opportunity to have some meals in your own place, many of them have laundry facilities. The websites Lo suggested should give you a lot of options. With five adults, I'd try to avoid having anyone sleep on the living room sofa, so you can use the room without disturbing each other. So you might be looking at two or three bedrooms.

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VRBO, Homeaway, airbnb are all good options. You can also try and put in 5 adults. That usually, but not always, results in apartment options being the primary results. I may be doing something wrong, but I have found that in order to get the most useful results, I have to put in some dates for the stay. If you have yours set, all the better.

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