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Hotel or Apartment in London

Greetings fellow travelers. I am headed on a trip to London with my teenage son in February 2014, for 6 nights. Feeling slightly overwhelmed with the hotel search. Can anyone recommend a Hotel or Apartment? Ideally I would like to stay in the Kensington, Chelsea, or Westminster districts. I have a budget of $200-$300 per night (USD) and would prefer a place with a small kitchenette. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Try You can get rooms or sometimes apt. with kitchen access. Also try I searched this one and got this: Go to the above and see listings of available apts. Just remember, London is a really big city so check were the apt. is in relationship to where you want to go and how close is it to the tube. JB

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You might want to check out Citadines. They have several properties in central London. Not certain they are in your budget range, but it won't hurt to check them out. We used them a number of years ago when we took our 2 children to London. Here is their website Another option would be to check out university accommodations. I know that many rent spare rooms or apartments to tourists. One that I am aware of is London School of Economics. Try these websites. or
Just be aware that sometimes the website will show 'no availability' when they actually have openings (it has something to do with which browser you are using). So if you like the looks of things, contact them directly by email or phone.

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base2stay near Earls Court. It is not an apartment, but the hotel rooms have a small kitchenette. edit: Looks like they have changed their name to "the Nadler".

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I LOVED my stay at Base2Stay Kensington .. Rooms have mini kitchenettes, nice comfy duvets, and modern lovely washrooms.. and the location is excellant. You are close to two good tube stations that serve different lines, Earls Court and Gloucester, and you are within easy walking distance to two great museums , The Natural History and the Victoria and Albert Museums, and you are close to two good grocery chain stores, think it was Sainsbury and Tesco but can't remember their names ..
The staff were so helpful.. the street is quiet, but only a block away from main streets..

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I've been searching for London hotels for my (2015!) trip. I found some great rates on for apartment rentals. Going the rental route looks to be saving me about $200 for my three night stay. I will probably use this service for my Scotland part of the trip as well. I don't plan on cooking there, but having a tad more room and the option to do my laundry is a great bonus as I will have to pack less.

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My wife and I highly recommend London Connections. We'll being staying in one of their London flats this year and itvwill be the third timenthat we've happily used their services; once in Mayfair in 2004, in Knightsbridge/South Kensington in 2009, and this year again in Mayfair. All our flats have had fulling cooking facilities and, perhaps even better, a washer and dryer so one can save hotel laundry costs or the sheer time cost (away from visiting worthwhile English sites) of finding and using laundromats. London Connections is located somewhere in Utah and has a handy 800 number.

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Another vote for Base2Stay for all the reasons stated by Laura and Pat. We have stayed there twice and plan to again.

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Stacey, not in your focus area, but if you look on for 12 Trinity Square flat, I think you will like it and it should be in your price range. We stayed there in June 2012 and it was great. It is located about a block away from the Tower of London, and is steps away from the Tower Hill tube stop. Easy access to all the great sites. The apartment has a washer/dryer, a small kitchen and living room area, and a 2nd floor with a sitting area, bathroom and bedroom. Great owner (very helpful), great location, nice little place. Happy travels! Steve

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I just spent 10 days in London with my 2 teen daughters. We were very happy at the Castletownhouse Apts. very close to West Kensington tube stop with a Tesco supermarket around the corner. Kitchenette with washer/dryer. Quiet street, very friendly & helpful staff. I felt safe there the whole time, too. Highly recommend.

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Wow you guys that recommended base2stay (now the Nadler).. it looks fantastic and you can't beat the price in London for what you get. And their bunk bed rooms for 129 (!) is such a clever idea. I will definitely stay there next visit. Thanks!!

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Thank you for the ideas, this has been very helpful.

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A little late chiming in but the Vancouver Studio Apartments have kitchenettes.
Vibrant Bayswater neighborhood. 2 tube stops to choose from. Easy bus routes. Nice walk from their to The Orangery in Hyde Park for tea. Good price. Read reviews on Trip Advisor.