Hotel Near Heathrow

I am looking for a reasonably priced (about 100 euros) hotel near
Heathrow for one night. Does anyone have a favorite? Thanks.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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I don't have a personal recommendation, but I suggest you look at this page on the London Toolkit site. It gives detailed descriptions of Heathrow hotels.

Posted by Kathy
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Look into one of the Premier Inns at Heathrow (there are at least two that I know of). We stayed in one up in Newcastle, and it was very comfortable, along the lines of a Holiday Inn in the States. But do avoid the Comfort Hotel; we stayed there last summer the night before we flew home, and it was the worst place we stayed on our trip; just cheap and uncomfortable, and rather rundown, too.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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How near does it need to be? What time is your flight the next morning? If you do not need to be there super early, you could enjoy the last night of your vacation by spending it in Windsor instead of faceless chain hotel near the airport. France's Lodge B&B has double rooms starting at £85, with a delicious breakfast. You can enjoy the evening strolling along the Thames, have a look at Eton, and find a nice place for dinner. The bus to the airport stops just a half block away and takes 40 minutes, costing around £ 3 if I remember correctly.

Posted by Betsey
New England
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Hi Paula, I stayed at the Holiday Inn Ariel in '09. A kind of fun hotel because it's round, and has a bowling alley ( almost next door. I used the Hoppa Bus £4 each way to get there and return in the morning. The room was about £55, I think. Since then I've visited Windsor and learned how close it is to Heathrow, so do consider the idea of staying there if you've time. Another page on the London Toolkit shows the public buses to get to Windsor, One interesting thing about a very close hotel and using the Hoppa bus: I remember it taking up to 45 min to get dropped off at the terminal; the bus stopped at various hotels between my pickup at the Ariel and the terminal. I could have stayed in Windsor for the same amount of transport time, but with a lot more ambience! Cheers.

Posted by Lee
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We stayed at the Sheraton Heathrow last Sat nite. It's a good hotel. I would stay there again. I can't comment about the Hoppa Bus service as we took the Thrifty rental car shuttle to T5 (we had returned a car the night before).