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Hoping to rent a car in England & again in Scotland

We will be in Uk at the end of September and hope to rent a car in Oxford to drop off in York (1 week) then a few days later, pick a rental up in Edinburgh to drop off at the airport in Glasgow. Two years ago I rented a car through Europcar but the site tells me I cannot do what I'm planning to do. I'm getting a little desperate. Does anyone have some ideas about this? Also, I really, really would like an automatic but unless you want to pay $600 per week, this does not appear to be an option. Help!

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Are you planning something to do between York and Edinburgh where a car would be a burden? I ask because there are so many good things to see between York and Edinburgh - I can list at least a dozen if you are at all interested in that option.... For the rental problem, have you tried Hertz? They have always let us pick up and drop off almost anywhere with modest fees for returning to a different location.

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Two short-term rentals are going to cost you more than one for a single, longer period. Even if you have to pay to park it for a few days. An automatic is going to stiff you - - your price doesn't seem to be out of line. Oxford is a rough place to pick up a rental since the choices will be slim. Automatics are more readily available at big places such as the major airports. You have to get to Oxford somehow, anyway. Try using and see what happens. Hertz will probably be one of the most expensive options. What exactly won't the Europcar site let you do? You should be able to drop it somewhere else unless they don't have a place in Glasgow or there are not automatics in Oxford. I had a manual reserved through them from Edinburgh to Manchester last month without a problem. They talked me into an automatic at a price less than the manual since they apparently had them coming out their ears when I showed up.

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Thanks for suggestions thus far. Since we'll be visiting with people who will show us around Hadrian's wall and since our place in Edinburgh is in the centre of town, I thought it would be best to break up the rentals into two. Since there's only a 4 day break between, it might be worth it to consider one rental, but then it becomes a longer distance from the pick up location...

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When I have a problem with car rentals like pick up and drop off etc, I email or call Andy at to work out the details. He has always been able to help me and answer my questions. Good luck