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Hitch hiking in Enland?

Is it legal to hitch hike in England?

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Kris, I don't know if it is legal, but I used to live there and I never saw a single hitchhiker. But, I'd look for an answer from a Briton.

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It's legal, but you need to use your head and take sensible safety measures.

One small tip for hitch hiking in the UK: purchase a college scarf ( or 'a wrap' as they are known in Oxford ) and wear it draped around your neck. A lot of us who went to University will always stop and give lifts to people who look like students. The down side is that you have to spend the whole trip listening to our boring stories about the crazy things we did as students ... did I ever tell you about the time I wheelied my motorcycle across Main Quad at college, you should have seen the Proctor's face ....... ( please snore quietly while we tell these old stories ).