hire narrowboat in Holmfirth?

Can any of you good folks tell me if it's possible to hire a narrowboad in Holmfirth? I've Googled my head off with no results. Thanks

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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Is there even a canal there? There is a river, but not sure it would be navigable by a narrowboat (in fact I am pretty sure not). The nearest canal I know of is the Huddersfield Narrow Canal (that is the one they used for canal scenes in "Last of the Summer Wine"). If nobody knows anywhere in Holmfirth, I suggest you try "Shirecruisers", who operate out of, e.g., Sowerby Bridge, about 15 miles away - SB gives you access to several canals in Yorkshire/Lancashire (note the Huddersfild Narrow is really for the experienced only).

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I will say I haven't ever run a boat on the Pennine runs, my experience is further south. I've had a good mooch round and the nearest navigable waterway I can find is in Huddersfield where there are the Huddersfield Wide Canal and the H Narrow Canal. I have walked around Holmfirth - the home of The Last of the Summer Wine -and it is pretty steep there and the river Holm is pretty small. I'm not convinced that the Holm is navigable. I didn't see any hire boat bases or hire boat marinas in Huddersfield. There is a nice looking marina in Huddersfield, at the junction of the Narrow and Wide Canals, but it doesn't do hire boats. Did you have information that the Holm is navigable?

Posted by Tim
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I rather suspected that, as Keith said, the canal locations used in LOSW were not in Holmfirth. Many thanks for the help.