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Hire Car vs. Trains - Norway Fjords

I am going to Norway in June. Can anyone offer feedback/experiences between these two options for exploring the Norweigian Fjords?

I appreciate that most people go with the train because they can sit back relax and not have to worry about much.

However a hire care sitting at my computer has the lure of being about the same price and having the freedom of schedule to go wherever/whenever. My only worries would be missing out on something inaccessible by car or road conditions being so hazardous as to avoid a car.

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Hi Mike,

Both options will be beautiful. In the car you would go through I think it is the longest tunnel in Norway- it takes about a half hour to go through. The main thing you would miss out on by taking the car would be the Flam railway from Myrdal to Flam. This is the only part of the trip that I have not done (we took a bus to Flam), so I can't comment on it exactly, but it is supposed to be really neat. As you said, each has its benefit. You'll see beautiful scenery and will enjoy the trip either way.


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I hired a car for a day last June right before all the buses were on the full summer schedule. I was in Balestrand - which i highly recommend along with the Balestrand Hotel! I drove to the glaciers nearby for a hiking tour. Small roads but beautiful scenery and not lots of traffic oddly enough. It was very expensive but included all the gas and insurance. They are mostly all sticks - but I aksed for an Automatic and got the local taxi-cab drivers big MBZ Van! hah. But it was nice to go where i wanted for a day - otherwise the train/bus/ship is all you need! Just remeber they have some of the most $$$ petrol prices!