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Hiking in Scotland

Are there any plants we should be aware of in Scotland, when going off the beaten path, that could give a nasty contact reaction? (like poison ivy in the states?)

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well - the famous thistle maybe? dont want to sit on one...

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Get a Midgie Hat (mosquito type netting that can go over your hat). I've hiked a lot and not run into any plants. There are some outdoor shops in Edinburgh that might have information on this. You might want to check out Wild Scotland by James McCarthy and published by Luath Press. They include information on plants, birds, animals, places and more. It's very useful.


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Stinging nettles... don't know if they have them in Scotland, but they are to be avoided at ll costs in England!

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Not a plant, but a snake! You may come across adders if you walk off the beaten path. Chances are they will hear you coming and glide away unseen, but if they don't; avoid them. You may get a nasty bite which will need medical treatment. It is also illegal to pick up or handle an adder.

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There are Nettles in Scotland. If you hike much in the US than you're probably familiar with them. If not, do a Google search for Urtica dioica and you'll find lots of info and pics.