Hever Castle

Hi, has anyone taken a day trip to Hever Castle while staying in London? We plan to visit in June, and find the walking map on their website to be very confusing. If anyone has been there, and can give some insight on how to walk from the train station to the Castle it would be much appreciated! (I know there is another station which requires a taxi, but we would prefer to walk.)
Thanks everyone!

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Sue, Did you pull up the walking map provided on their website? It seems pretty clear to me. I've never walked it as the three or so times we went there we drove. I'd use a combination of the lanes and walking paths, generally making my way northeast until I reached the entrance. Which bit is confusing?

Posted by Linda
Boulder, CO, USA
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I've been to Hever Castle a couple of times, but each time I drove by car. The road is very narrow and winds around, with tall shrubs on each side, so be careful while you walk. Check on Google Maps for the distance, you might be better off taking a cab. See if there are any buses that might take you a little closer. There's a lot to see at Hever if you want to walk through the grounds, gardens, lake and a great gift shop! It's a great place for a picnic lunch.

Posted by Nancy
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We drove to Hever Castle - beautiful grounds. Friends from London took the train and had a taxi take them to Hever Castle and also to Chartwell (home to Winston Churchill). The taxi was NOT an expensive option. The taxi took them to Chartwell and picked them up in 2 hours then took them to Hever for a specified amount of time then picked them up to take them back to the station.
Btw- I loved both of these. Chartwell really showed me the family side of Churchill. It was an important part of his family life. Hever was home to Anne Boelyn. I could just about feel the presence of Henry VIII there.

Posted by Laurie Beth
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I did this in 2011. I took train from Victoria station, changed in East Croyden I think to a one or two car train. The Hever train station is in the country, not part of a village. I used the map & found my way to and from the castle with no problem. The road from the station intersects with a 'main' road. (I think this is the first road that shows gong by Sandfield Farm.) I think I saw the sign marking the path almost immediately-just across the road. I followed the path, but did end up in a field with sheep for part of it, but just continued and hooked up with the path again at the other end of the field. (I think I missed the right turn shown on the map.)Path ends at a road, take slight left choice at Y intersection, walk up a small hill to inn with a parking lot and the entrance was just past that. On the way back I stayed on the path shown as going by Chippens Bank driveway and ended up just a little further away from the station. I was alone and even ending up in the field with the sheep was fun; their photo was the best of my trip. I enjoyed the castle. Be sure to walk to the lake and have tea or lunch. And be sure you know the return train schedule as I think they are only once an hour.

Posted by Sue
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Thank you, everyone for your help. We're looking forward to visiting the castle, especially the gardens, which I hear are beautiful in June!