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Helsinki, Bergen, or Both??

My husband and I are planning a trip to Scandinavia in late August. We’ve mapped out 3 different itineraries (including expected costs, mode of and estimated time for transportation, etc) that we think are reasonable based on the amount of time and money we have. I’m hoping you can help us narrow our list:

Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki (cruise or fly from Stockholm)
Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bergen (to do the Norway in a Nutshell tour)
Stockholm, Bergen, Helsinki

Unfortunately, there’s no way we can swing all 4 cities.

We’d appreciate any suggestions you have and would be particularly happy to hear from people who’ve been to both Helsinki and Bergen. Just a bit about us—we’re in our mid-thirties, tend to cover a lot of ground in relatively short time, and have very broad interests (art and architecture, nature, history).

Thanks so much!

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Helsinki and Bergen are similar in that journey that get's you to those places is far more interesting then then the actual cities themselves. Don't get me wrong, both the ferry to Helsinki and the Nutshell are mandatory on any first time visit to Scandanavia, and both cities are scenic and easy to tour in a half-day. But if your are trying to shave some time off your itinerary they are skipable. Consider flying out right after you arrive; both have very busy airports and cheap flights to anywhere in Scandanavia.