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Help with UK Train Tickets

I'm trying to purchase train tickets and I've tried both the East Coast & Southern Train sites and it won't take my credit card. I have even e-mailed them and they said they take Visa. I can't see any reason why it won't go through. Has anyone else experienced problems like this & what did you do. I can get them when I arrive, but the prices have already gone up since I first tried to purchase.

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Have you told your credit card you want to make overseas purchases?

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April, try Trainline.Com, which sells tickets online for the different UK rail lines. I've used them 3 or 4 times with an American VISA with no problems at all. Later, you feed that card into a machine at the station and it spits out the tickets. If you have problems there, call your card issuer and ask for an explanation.

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April, I had the same problem. I tried and tried to purchase tickets from Eastcoast with my Capital One card and they kept rejecting it. Capital One said no attempts had been made by Eastcoast. Then, I tried my American Express card and it was rejected. Finally, my husband tried his American Express card (same account as mine, but different number) and it went through - relief! Since then, I've purchased two more sets of tickets from them using his AmEx card. I still have no idea what the problem was. Responses to my emails to Eastcoast were of no help. Perhaps it was just persistence - I probably made 50 unsuccessful attempts to purchase the tickets before it finally worked. Lots of frustration, but a big savings by buying our tickets early. Good luck!

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Try Raileasy I've had the same credit card problem but it was easy on this website and the prices are the same as trainline. Earlier is better. Good luck.

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Thanks! It finally worked at Strangely I had to put my card as a "Visa" and not a "Visa Debit" - which it actually is. I think I paid 3.50 more, but at least I was finally able to get my tickets!