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Help with Norway

Since no response to my post "Eclectic itinerary...", I'll try this more direct topic. We are planning a visit next year to Norway, specifically the Atlantic Coast. Our focus is the natural landscape of the fjords, but we'd also like to get a good introduction (more than an hour or two) in some (not all) of the towns and villages along the coast. Additionally we'd like to experience the 8km drive along the Atlantic Highway. A cruise on Hurtigruten seems like the obvious choice for the fjords, but this may be limited on the town-villages and the Atlantic Highway venues. What is the best way to accomplish all these goals and do so in 7 or 8 days/nights (this is only one part of our planned visit to Europe in April-May or September-October 2014. Either after or before Norway, we'd like to see Copenhagen as we head (or arrive from the) south--the Mediterranean.

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Norway (Norge) is a big country especially in the north-south direction with a lot or nature to experience. If your primary objective is seeing fjord scenery then the mail boat cruise would certainly accomplish that objective. Our limited experience is that Note Norge from Mehamn to Kerkenes overnight and it stopped at what seemed to be every village in between for a few minutes to on and offload passengers, cargo etc. However if you want to meet Norwegian you need to get off the boat and walk around.

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I've missed the earlier posts, but consider the following: To/From Copenhagen from anywhere in Europe: Buy a EurRail (Saver?) pass & take the train(s). A EurRail Pass will get you a so-so discount (but a discount nonetheless) on the DFDS ferry between Oslo & Copenhagen. These are great ships and the trip up/down the Oslo fjord is worth it. It's an overnight trip, so you arrive fed/rested and ready for a full day at either end. Check out Hurtigruten schedules for stops between Bergen & Trondheim and then look for sccommodations in the towns/villages along the way. Take day-trips, point-to-point. This way you get to see the coastal scenery, meet real Norwegians, and pay only the day-trip fares. You can start at Trondheim or Oslo. Take the sleeper train from Oslo to Trondheim and use Hurtigruten to go south to Bergen. The reverse works as well. 7-8 days doesn't strike me as enough time.