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Help with my Ireland itinerary !!

Looking to spend 3-4 days in Ireland leaving out of NYC and planning on arriving in Dublin early on May 19, 2014. Day #1 - We will arrive and rent a car for the entire time we are Ireland, check into hotel. - Then would like to visit the Guinness storehouse. - Saint Patricks Cathedral - Then do dinner and find a good bar. The following is what I would like to see on the remaining days! * Blarney Castle * Ring of Kerry * Cliffs of Moher * Dingle peninsula
* Carrick a rede rope bridge - But my trouble is figuring out if I have enough time on the rest of the days to see the following & in which order I should do everything in. I would love to hear everyone's opinion on what I should cut out if its not possible to do everything on my "must see" list. Thanks everyone in advance for all your help, I know that's not a lot of time but unfortunately the max days I have is 4 :/

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The obvious place to Cut is the Rope Bridge since it's at the far north end of Northern Ireland. Other than Dublin, the other places are all in the S.W. part of the country and doable in 3 days.
I'm guessing that you plan to continue on to another part of Europe after Ireland, and, if that's the case, look at flying into Shannon Airport (not too far from the Cliffs of Moher) and departing from Dublin. If you decide to first fly to Dublin, hold off a day before renting a car; you don't need one in Dublin, and it may not be a good idea to start driving on the left when you might not be too alert due to jet lag.

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Agree you do not need car in Dublin. We personally did not like the brewery at all, but that is only our opinion. You cannot see the bridge as stated above, too far. I also would skip Ring of Kerry and just see Dingle. Also would fly into one airport and home or continue on from the other one. You also need to add a good twenty to twenty five percent to estimated driving estimates. We are doing similar trip in October, arrive Dublin for two days, then rent car and head south then west to Dingle and home from Shannon but we have more time than you. Enjoy.

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I, too, would cut the rope bridge from the list - too far from everything else you want to do. I also thought the Guinness Storehouse was a big waste of time and money (even more so if you happen to get a gloomy/rainy/foggy day). Is your Day 4 the day you leave? If so, you are even more limited because of the time needed for security, etc. at the airport. If you are flying out of Dublin as well, you also have to allow time to get back. I think it would most easily be done by driving toward Blarney via Cashel (to see the Rock of Cashel), then continuing from Blarney to Kenmare and the Ring of Kerry (again, you should have a Plan B for bad weather - nothing to see on the Ring if it's rainy or foggy). Then you could do Dingle, then the Cliffs, then back to Dublin. Depending on where you stay when, it could be argued that you really don't time to do justice to Dingle in that short time, but that's a matter of interests and opinion. Lots of people pooh-pooh Blarney, too, but I love it there.

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Even if you were going to Northern Ireland, I'd still skip the rope bridge. Looks kinda cool, but really not a big deal. Ditto on the Guinness Store House, waste of time. If you haven't booked your flight already, consider flying into Shannon. You're that much closer to the SW part of the country where most of your interests lie. If you have to, I'd do the Dingle peninsula and skip the Ring of Kerry as well. That'd give you more time in Dingle which is a hoot of a town. Save Dublin for your next trip back, because after going once, you'll be back . . . . Have fun!

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Have to agree with the other posters. The bridge is way out of the way for such a short trip. I also agree that it's not an "A" list site but it was kinda fun, just not worth making the trip just for that. It's usually done in conjunction with the giant's causeway which, while quite unique, I also thought highly overrated. The best part of that area is the extremely scenic drive getting there. Also have to agree about the Guinness Storehouse. It's not really a brewery tour and the only thing cool about it is the glass of Guinness at the end (a very expensive glass of Guinness) in the scenic top of the bldg with amazing views of Dublin - if the weather is clear. I was very disappointed and wouldn't recommend it. Find a good pub and have your Guinness there.

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Take a bus in Dublin. It is part of the fun and very easy to get around. We went out to a coastal village that Rick recommended - via bus and it was well worth it! I took my 78 year old Dad and we had no issues at all! We splurged and stayed at Clontarf Castle. It was wonderful. Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry and Dingle peninsula are my votes.There is a really charming village of Adare that we loved!!! Some people snickered when we said we were going to Bunratty Castle but it was a great place to take photos. I <3 Ireland.

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I would go for Dingle and skip Kerry but add the Burren to the Cliffs of Moher visit. I have not been to the Guinness storehouse but my son has and his opinion was the same as the other posters that it was a waste of time and money. Save your money for another Guinness at the bar. For great craic, Doolin a village at the north end of the Cliffs of Moher can't be beat.