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HELP! Scotland: Mallaig to Kyle of Lochalsh transportation!

Hey, I will be traveling to Scotland this summer and will be riding the "West Highlands line" to the terminus at Mallaig. My friend and I need to know of any way to get from this station to the station at Kyle of Lochalsh (not by train!) I'm assuming we will have to get onto the isle of Skye from Mallaig by ferry? The how can we get up to ft. Williams, also how long would that be? any suggestions on say a taxi, or buss that could do this? Also any recommendations for stops along the way on the isle of Skye? Thanks so much! I will just be the two of us (both 18) traveling, so we are trying to plan ahead a bit!!

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Check out this site, Traveline Scotland:

You can plan your own journeys using public transportation, right down to how to walk (click on "view details") to the train station, bus stop, etc. When you enter dates in the Journey Planner, don't forget that they're dd/mm/yy.

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Yeah, I used that site before I posted here and put in all the info but just got "no journey possible"!... so i'm thinking "great..."!

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Maybe for the time and/or date you entered, there really was "no journey possible." Here's an example that works:
1. Click on "Journey Planner".
2. Enter "mallaig" in the "from" box.

3. Enter "kyle of lochalsh" in the "to" box.
4. Choose a "leave after" time. I chose 14:05.
5. Enter a date; for instance, 10/07/2007 for July 10.
6. Click "Find Journey".
7. In the "from" drop-down, select "MALLAIG (Rail stop)".

8. In the "to" drop-down, select "KYLE OF LOCHALSH (Rail Stop)".
9. Click "Plan Journey".
10. After following the above steps, I got three journey options, each leaving at a different time.

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Hi Quinn,
Hopefully you haven't left yet?

Mallaig is the END OF THE LINE for the train and it stops at the sea! The only way to get to Kyle of Lochalsh (on the mainland, but across the bay) from there is to get the ferry to Isle of Skye, then get a bus across Skye to Kyle of Lochalsh, where you can pick up the train again and bus services again. If you want to go from there to Ft. William, I think you have to take the bus, as the train onyl goes back to Inverness from there. - kathleen

PS - Ft William is nice for hillwalking, but there's not terribly much to do - what are your plans for that area? You might better enjoy your time on Isle of Skye, insterad. Just an idea!