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Heathrow to Victoria Station on the tube

Im set to arrive in London June, 2014. My husband and I are planning to take the tube to our hotel, just a few blocks from the Victoria Station. How do I figure out which line(s) to take on the tube??

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Piccadilly line from Heathrow. Change to District Line at Hammersmith, where all you need to do is cross from one platform to another on the same level.

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Sounds quite do-able!! Thanks so much for the tip!

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First of all, you'll need a Tube map, like this one. You can use the journey planner at to work out the route, and in this case it will tell you to get the Piccadilly Line at Heathrow, then change to the District Line at Earl's Court. In fact it's better to change at Hammersmith or Baron's Court, where it's a simple matter of walking from one side of the platform to the other.

Alternatively, you could get the Heathrow Express (or Heathrow Connect) service to Paddington and then the Circle Line to Victoria. That will cost you more, but is likely to be faster.

You say your hotel is a few blocks from Victoria. That's an interesting concept in London, where there is no standard sized block. If the hotel website says that Victoria is closest then that's fair enough, but it's worth checking in case there is a closer station.

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The Gatwick Express would be of no use to a passenger arriving at Heathrow! Gatwick is the name of a different London airport.

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We change at Baron's Court. You walk about 9 feet to the other side of the platform. It's not a busy station like Hammersmith either. Easy. We always stayed in the Victoria Station area when staying in a hotel.