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Harry Potter: Warner Bros Tour - Best Days?

Hello! Looking for guidance on what is the best day of the week to take the Harry Potter tour in Leavesden. My daughter and I will be in London for 7 days and this is something we are both looking forward to. In the RS tour book, it is recommended to take the train and then the shuttle bus as opposed to the Golden Tours direct (and more expensive) route. Thoughts on this as well?

Also, plan on adding the Muggle walking tour of London to our itinerary.

Thank you all so much for your word of guidance!

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There really is no best day of the week; they have a limited number of tickets for each time slot to help regulate the flow of people, but once you are in, you can take as long as you want, you just can't backtrack between the buildings. When I went, it was the summer and the only time my group of 11 could get tickets for was the 6pm slot, which is the last entry time. Three hours was perfect to go through everything and still have time left over in the shop to make our purchases (and we were a group of future librarians, all huge HP fans).

It is very simple to take the train and then follow the crowds to the bus stand where the bus picks you up. That way you can do everything at your own pace, and for much cheaper! There is one train per hour that tends to be a slower train; if Nigel sees this I'm sure he can tell you train is the better one to take.

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Allyn, we did not take a tour but we did try to find Harry Potter things in London and in other places. In the Kings Cross train station, the bridge over the tracks where Hagrid first met Harry seems to be gone due to renovation work. We were quite disappointed. Secondly, the King's Cross people built a really tacky looking entrance to Platform 9 3/4. Here's a link to a picture of it.

The picture was taken a few years ago. This platform 9 3/4 entrance has been moved to the Western Departure Concourse. Here's a link to a picture of how it looks now. For all of the fame Harry Potter has brought to the King's Cross station, they have not been kind to Harry Potter. Nothing close to any similarity to the movie.

If you can get to Lacock, there are places in the Abbey where some Harry Potter filming took place. In the lower levels, there are rooms where Professor Severus Snape conducted class. You can't see any evidence of which rooms it was in but it did take place there.

As a side note, the cauldron in the movies was not a prop. It's real and a couple of hundred years old. It's located in the Lacock Abbey. Here's a link to a picture.

Have fun with your Harry Potter adventures. If you are a Da Vinci Code person, check out Temple Church while in London. It's right off of Fleet Street.

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Thank you so much, Larry and Bonnie, for your words of wisdom. My daughter and I can't wait to get there to see and absorb as much as possible!

Take care,