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Harry Potter

I will be visiting London next July, and being the huge Harry Potter geek that I am, it would be a crime worthy of Azkaban to not embark on a Harry Potter walking tour. Do any of you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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You MUST go to platform 9 and three quarters. Go to the Kings Cross station and go down the train station to the left. Then take a left. They have a cart set up half way into the wall !!

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Tricia - What are you talking about? I go to Platform 9 3/4 every September 1st! ;)

But yes, I am definitely going. It will be my first stop after I get off the Eurostar chunnel!

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If you head towards the Yorkshire Moors area you'll see a couple of film sights from the Chamber of Secrets. The Great Hall as well as various closter hallways can be found at the Durham Cathedral in Durham.
The Hogsmeade station can be found at Goathland station. If you want a real adventure, board the North Yorkshire Moors railway at Pickering and you'll end up at Goathland as well as some other lovely little towns...and of course the beautiful
scenery that connects them. Either way have a
grand adventure!