Hadrians Wall and Machu Pichu Info

looking for information regarding hiking Hadrians Wall companies and Machu Pichu, anyone with knowledge of guided/unguided companies/outfitters, I'd be interested in knowing about as well as personnel experiences. thank you

Posted by Claudia
Land of La
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As you asked an unusual question I'll do the same? Why are you asking about Machu Pichu on the Rick Steve's Europe Helpline??

Posted by sharon
kingston, nh, us
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new to this, sorry, trying to get some info on the "help line"

Posted by Lola
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It's OK. Try REI Adventures for Machu Picchu. You can only hike the Inca Trail with a guide, and they set up a good trip. For Hadrian's Wall, I would go with a UK company that organizes a self-guided trip for you. Luggage transport is an important part of that, unless you want to carry everything on your back. Try Celtic Trails, or maybe Mickeldore.

Posted by Stacy
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We used Gary Reed, of Hadrian's Wall Walks, in 2006: http://www.hadrianswall.ltd.uk We also used Celtic Trails for a walk in Wales just last month. They were both great, though I'd recommend Gary for Hadrian's Wall. He lives on the wall and knows it intimately. He is a one-man operation, so not as spiffy as Celtic Trails (who provided maps and a detailed day-by-day itinerary), but he gives you personal attention that Celtic Trails can't give, being a bigger outfit. He knows all the B&B owners-- they are his neighbors! Check both of them out and see which one gives you a better gut feeling. You can't go wrong.

Posted by sharon
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these are great ideas. I will definitely look into both of the companies. Thank you

Posted by Nigel
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What's the connection between Hadrians Wall and Machu Pichu? Are you looking to do both as part of one trip?

Posted by sharon
kingston, nh, us
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no not at all. We are going to do both trips and wanted anyones input as to what their experiences had been.

Posted by Angela
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Highly recommend Southwind Adventures for Machu Picchu. We used their services for our S. America trip and they were great. We would/will use them again. Ask for Tom Damon (he's the owner.)

Posted by Steve
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No need for a guide on Hadrian's Wall. I hiked an 18 mile section ending near Greenhead and it was one of the best days of my life. Had beautiful weather and better views... good luck!