Hadrians Wall

Is there a tour out of Stratford on Avon for Hadrians Wall? How far is it and would it be worth renting a vehicle to drive there if no tours available? we only have two days in Stratford.

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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Hadrian's Wall is a long (in UK terms) drive from Stratford. With two days in Stratford, you cannot visit Hadrian's Wall as a day trip which seems to be what you are suggesting. If you mean two days away from Stratford to get to the wall, visit the sites and then go back, then yes you can do that. Is that what you mean?

Posted by Ed
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Ack! I've never driven directly between the two, but it's bound to be close to a five-hour drive each way counting gas/pit stops. Maybe a bit less if you catch the the more western portion (Haltwhistle) instead of heading to Hexam.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Good grief!!! If anybody did do a tour of Hadrians Wall from Stratford upon Avon they would have to be real generalists. I've never heard of anybody doing it from there. You do know you are asking about going from from almost the centre of England practically to the Scottish border? Nearly 300 miles each way. It would be like you driving to Bangor ME to go for a walk and then driving back. If you were in the North of England it might make sense.

Posted by Elizabeth
Bellingham, ma, usa
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Yes, I was hoping for a day trip since our stay is limited. I'll have to rework my itinerary as it is one of the ancient highlights I was hoping to see. Thank you both for your quick replies! This is a great site!