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Guy Fawkes - Bonfire night in London

Hey all, My trip to London this fall will include November 5th... aka Guy Fawkes/bonfire night. Has anyone been there during this traditional celebration and if so, was there a city venue you attended? I would love to attend a celebration of this 500 year old tradition! I have looked online for venues but nothings posted yet, and I would love to hear a first hand review :)

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The Time Out weekly will have a special section listing all the events. By coincidence I've been in London twice during this holiday. While I never attended a bonfire, I had fun walking along the Thames watching the fireworks going off through the night. Not a fourth of July type show, but rockets set off in all different directions at irregular intervals.

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Not to mention it would be the perfect day to visit the Tower and watch the re enactment of Guy Fawkes death. Book on line for your ticket. Will save a pound or two doing that. Go early and ask where the re enactment players start their excellent performance of Fawkes imprisonment and demise.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I had googled it already and just wanted firsthand opinions of the events. THe Tower of London idea sounds fun! I would not have thought of that :) It would also be fun to watch the fireworks over the river... I will also be there for halloween but I know it isn't a big deal for adults over there and since I will be in a hotel, I won't get trick or